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Community Garden

The Community Garden at the Clarence Dillon Public Library provides an area for individuals and families to grow a garden, to build and nurture community friendships and to share and grow gardening skills. There are thirty-two 4′ by 16′ plots with individual drip irrigation systems. A perimeter deer fence protects the entire area. The annual fee for a plot is $50. Experienced Master Gardeners offer help throughout the gardening season.

Forms to sign up for a plot are at the front desk at the Library or by clicking here. For further information about the garden, visit the front desk, call 908-234-2325, ext 0, or email


Garden Opening April

The goals of the Clarence Dillon Public Library Community Garden are to provide an area for individuals and families to grow a garden, to build and nurture community friendships, and to share and grow gardening skills. The Community Garden is for the use of Clarence Dillon Public Library patrons. It is located at the junction of Rt. 206 and Lamington Rd. Parking is available in the Clarence Dillon Public Library lower lot from which a short path leads right to the garden. The garden is operated by the Clarence Dillon Public Library and is governed by the Community Garden Committee including an individual Garden Coordinator. A few things you should know:

  • A single garden plot will be 4×16 feet. Each plot has its own drip irrigation system. There are two raised water spigots with hoses and a perimeter deer fence with an entry fence. Please close the gate when you leave.

  • A fee per single plot of $50 must be paid annually, by January of the coming year. This is a non-refundable fee.

  • Gardeners will provide their own seeds, tools and other supplies. They will be supplied with keys to unlock and relock the garden when they leave. Anything left in the garden is done so at the gardener’s risk.

  • Plots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Gardeners from one year will have first opportunity to continue their gardens the following year. Their plot will be reserved for them as soon as payment for the following year is made.

  • Library patrons interested in renting a plot should visit the library front desk, call 908-234-2325, ext.0, go to the library website, or email

Garden Etiquette

  • Introduce yourself and build a stronger community!

  • Keep gardening activities to daylight hours. Garden is closed from dusk to dawn

  • If planting tall crops, do so where they won’t shade other garden plots

  • Weed and maintain regularly as weed seeds spread quickly

  • Remove pests and diseased plants often as they also spread quickly

  • Do not borrow tools from another garden without permission

  • Do not pick any planting from another plot even if you think it is abandoned

  • Please walk and use hoses with care, so as not to damage other plots

  • Overseen children are welcome, but no pets, please

  • No loud use of music or cell phones


The rules below will help insure that all gardeners have a successful gardening season.

Garden Planting

  • I will plant my garden promptly. Plots not planted by June may be forfeited to another gardener.

  • I will not plant trees or shrubs, or allow plants growing taller than 5 feet in the garden.

  • I will not plant invasive species, such as mint, comfrey, etc., as they may spread to other areas of the garden.

  • I will not plant anything deemed “an illegal substance”.

End of Season Cleanup

  • I will not extend my garden past plot markers. I will be asked to remove plants that extend, and if not done in a two- week period, plants may be removed without warning.

  • I will maintain my garden plot, including weeding in and around my plot. I will be notified if my plot is excessively weedy and will be given a reasonable time to clean it up. Non-compliance may result in forfeiture of the plot.

  • I will remove all my weeds and debris and discarded material. I will dispose of same in the refuse receptacles provided or off premise.

  • I will not use synthetic (non-organic) chemicals. For the health of our community it is a goal of the Community Garden to have a natural garden using only natural weed and pest controls and other organic methods. The use of chemicals such as Miracle Gro and Round Up is prohibited.

  • If I must abandon my garden, I will notify the Garden Coordinator as soon as possible.

  • I will not bring pets to the garden.

  • Commercial operations are prohibited.



If you have any requests, or have any special needs regarding your garden plot, please let the Garden Coordinator know. We will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

Neither Bedminster Township, Far Hills Borough or Clarence Dillon Public Library, including its Board of Trustees, or the Community Garden Committee, nor the landowner will be responsible for any accidents, injuries, or damages, nor will any of these parties be responsible for any theft, damage to, loss of, or replacement of any belongings, equipment, materials, tools, or plantings. There is no security for any personal belongings. Failure to follow any garden or public rules and regulations, after reasonable attempts to notify gardener, will result in loss of gardening plot. Gardener may seek to reestablish gardening privileges, but is asked to stay out of the gardening area until the issue is resolved. The gardener will not be eligible for any refund or reimbursement for any seed, plantings, or other materials left at the gardening site. Please make sure that you have read and understood the attached rules, and sign below indicating that you agree to the etiquette, rules and conditions of the Bedminster Community Garden.