Summer 2017

Staff Picks


Sandy’s Pick

Might we agree to banish from everyday parlance three new and ubiquitous two-worders:  “My Bad”   “No Worries”     “Shout Out” (as in “a shout out to Freddie for finishing that project on time”). I well realize by the way my perhaps old fashioned consternation does sound seventy, 70 years being my new-found tenure on this good earth.

In happy spirit, here’s a new book recommendation—A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. The NY Times Best Seller listing says of this novel  “A Russian count undergoes 30 years of house arrest” (in a luxury hotel-my addition). Sandy says: Never, in my reading at least, has an author stitched such engaging and informative embroidery around such a confined plotline. The count never leaves the hotel! Well, once, but then only after 500 pages. A tour de force for Towles. So  literary, so darn enjoyable, his delighting “asides” especially. Hope you’ll read it; we got copies.